"Audrey and I started working together several years ago and have done a great deal of work toward my psychological betterment. When I first began seeing her, I was struggling with major depression and PTSD from childhood sexual abuse. Through our work, using many different tools available, Audrey helped me to see that what I was suffering from was really understandable considering my past. I had always been quite sure I was crazy, but through the years Audrey helped me to see that was not true. The process was painful, but ultimately worthwhile as I feel terrific today and am no longer suffering symptoms of depression or PTSD. I no longer take medication for depression and each day I am grateful for the hard work she helped me through."



“We knew of our son’s fatal heart condition two months before he was born and thought that we were prepared for his birth and death. We discovered, however, that we were not ready for this devastating experience or for the long-term effects of the loss of our child. During this painful time we turned to Audrey to help us understand our overwhelming emotions. Discussing our individual experiences was vitally important to our mutual healing and her personal loss was a crucial factor in our feeling understood.”

R.H. & K. H.*


"About 10 years ago, my life fell apart. All of a sudden, I couldn't do my job, take care of my kids or myself. I was profoundly depressed and suicidal one day, and euphoric and on top-of-the-world the next. It was terrifying. The diagnosis: Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder. I went through therapist after therapist with little or no progress. Then a friend referred me to Audrey.

I know it may sound cliché, but she literally saved my life. Together with medication, she helped me find "the middle". She showed me that I was strong enough to handle my illness and it's devastating effects on my life. Through eye movement therapy, which I had never done before, I was able to address deeply hidden pain and fear that was crippling me. For years I struggled with med changes and random "episodes". Audrey was always there to guide me through.

She's not a therapist who sits in her chair saying "mmm-hmmm, and how did that make you feel?"... Audrey will tell it like it is. She will laugh with me, cry with me, and she's even cried for me. There is no limit to her compassion and empathy.

Now, with over 5 years of psychotherapy under my belt, I have the skills, knowledge, and most important of all, the courage to move on with my life. Audrey gave me those tools. She showed me how to use them and they have made all of the difference. My coping skills and quality of life have improved tremendously. Our work together taught me so much about myself. I draw upon our work together every single day. And I am eternally grateful to Audrey."

T.L. *


"...I have become a much stronger person, someone who can now face life's challenges instead of running away. My life has never been so "normal..."



"...I went from a little girl who used to black out her school pictures because she had so much self hatred, to a wonderful, beautiful, self confident woman who loves herself. Audrey gave me tools my parents never did; life long tools to use everyday, in every relationship..."



“When our baby son died we had a great difficulty believing it really happened. It was so unthinkable to lose his life when it should have been just beginning. Audrey helped me to sort out my feelings, deal with the realities and thus start my healing.”



"...Audrey's gifts as a healer are unmatched, her love is unconditional, and her wisdom is so blessed..."



“When our baby died during labor, the happiest and the most devastating times of my life were literally seconds apart. I was left numb and yet simultaneously engulfed with emotions I never know possible. I felt isolated, that surely no one could realize the pain that I was feeling. Knowing that Audrey had lost her first child enabled me to trust that she understood what I was experiencing and therapy with her helped dramatically with my grieving and healing process.”



* Names withheld to protect client confidentiality.

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